[UPDATES/NEWS] Bonus Stories To Be Found In Trade + Hardcover Editions

Unlike the pocket paperback (exclusive to Lulu.com) and digital version of Dead As Soon As Born, the hardcover and trade paperback editions will include a bonus short story.

“Drifter” is an introduction to a character from a much larger novel, and he will become important to Lydia’s Shadow universe. Gina Charter (introduced in this collection via “Time Wavers”) is also from the same universe of Lydia’s Shadow, and will have future interactions with this character of “Drifter” as well. If you pay attention to any story featuring Lydia’s Shadow, you’ll spot little connections here and there. So keep your eyes open! Things you read now will become more important later.

“Palinoia,” however, is unrelated to any previously used character or location. Rather, it’s a fast and fierce story about a young man who’s just driven hundreds of miles to visit his college girlfriend, only to discover she’s cheating on him. When their confrontation goes sideways, an earthquake tears a hole in space and time, allowing him to repeat the reunion again and again.

Aiden has decided to add these stories to those specific editions due to their higher cost, being sold through other retailers outside of Lulu Publishing (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

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