[REVIEW] The Shuddering – by Ania Ahlborn

4 / 5

The Shuddering plays out like your traditional horror/suspense movie, so much so that you can imagine it fully (sharp music and all). The elements of terror are spot on – scenes involving of the evisceration of a person gave me chills – and the main cast are likeable enough that you actually care when they start to get picked off (more than once, I caught myself thinking, “No, not so-and-so…”).

The Shuddering gave me vibes of The Thing, which is a great story if you somehow don’t know it. It has nightmarish monsters, respectfully used gore, suspenseful sequences back to back, enjoyable characters, and an ultimately realistic and satisfying ending (in the sense that it won’t be a happy one, and that it leaves a sequel very much possible). 

This was my first taste of Ania Ahlborn, but it won’t be my last.

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