[UPDATES/NEWS] The Key Word is “Pending”

In posts here and on social platforms, I have expressed plans for 2020 revolving around the release of a new novella every other month. There have been some changes to that idea, and I thought it would be best to lay out my current thoughts on the subject. I have various projects in the works, and it’s been interesting trying to balance what will come when and how. For example, one of the novellas originally set to release in 2020 is currently on hold because it has been submitted to a publishing house. Another novella has become a short story instead, and a third novella is becoming a full length novel. Below, I will break it all down:

  • I am now longer sticking to the every-other-month-release plan for 2020; the projects are evolving, so let’s just say a couple novellas are expected between now and the end of 2020.
  • I have a smaller collection (than Dead As Soon As Born) about to release in digital and pocket paperback. The stories included were originally for Dead As Soon As Born, but were cut from one reason or another. They have all received a new batch of edits (most of these stories are years old now), and are ready for anyone who wants to see more of my attention to drama and crime. There’s no horror in this collection, by the way. Sorry! Oh, and it is called Kill for Them.
  • The novella currently submitted to Grindhouse is now planned to become a novel if it gets denied publication. I have begun outlining the rest of the book if this ends up being the case. I will know for sure around October if the original story will be picked up or not.
  • A little over a year ago, I wrote a miniseries screenplay for Gina Charter (a character that has already appeared in several short stories of mine), telling of her history prior to running the drug trade of Lydia’s Shadow. Though I continue to go back and forth with its release (I’m not confident people will care about reading a 700 page screenplay), I have always planned to turn that story into a novel as well. Over the next year or so, that is one of my projects. Currently, I’m thinking of doing something similar to the Green Mile (Stephen King), in the sense that I will release it in a serial format. Each part/episode will come on its own with only a month or two in between them, and then once everything is out there, I will bring them together for a full novel release. The working title is Fragments of Gina.
  • Also a year ago, I wrote a novel called Tree of Bones. That novel is being rewritten currently, and is expected to release sometime over the next year.
  • I am finally starting the Lydia’s Shadow novel again, but it will take time to write that one (it’s been written several times before, and could come out around 1000 pages in length). I hope to have it ready in 2021, and would love it to be my first in-store publishing if possible.

As you can see, my plans are tentative at best. I have a wife, a toddler, and two jobs. It’s difficult to write the way I used to, so planning my releases has become more chaotic as well. Everything I post here and elsewhere (regarding planned releases) is PENDING. Yes, there should be several novellas in 2020, but I am no longer sticking to the every other month plan. Yes, there will be shorts scattered along the way, as well as some other releases. I will do more updates like this as plans change from those noted above. Thank you for reading my work, and if you haven’t picked it up already, Dead As Soon As Born is available in eBook, paperback (pocket and trade), and hardcover. If you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can download it there for free!

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