[NEWS] Some General and Important Updates

First off, KILL FOR THEM is now available in eBook via Amazon, as well as pocket and trade paperbacks via Lulu. I would greatly appreciate anyone who reads/purchases it. If you are someone with a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can read it for free. Also, please leave a review (however brief) on Amazon and Goodreads to help me out!

Secondly, you may have heard from my Instagram or Twitter that the publisher I have been using since 2012 has decided to up their prices substantially. As a result, I will very likely stop using them. This means I do not personally have any physical prints of my books to sell signed or as part of special packages (as originally planned for this autumn). This will unfortunately remain the case until I find a new publisher I like and can afford. Aside from not being able to sell things myself, this also means my upcoming 2019 releases will probably come as only eBooks until circumstances change. This includes several short stories and possibly a novella I finished some months back and tried submitting.

Lastly, I wanted to briefly touch upon my WIPs (works in progress). In October, I have a short story called “Squirming Disease” I am really excited to release. The only way this one gets delayed is if I decide to expand it; currently, it is in editing. There’s also a Halloween story and a Christmas story being worked on for Kendall Reviews as exclusive horror fiction.

At the end of the year, I plan to collect everything posted and/or released throughout 2019 in one collection sometime in December or January. This will be good for anyone who wants everything in one spot, including the “rarities” (stories published online or as bonus stories in certain print editions). There are also a couple of other short stories being written right now that may make it to your e-readers before the end of the year.

If you get the trade paperback of KILL FOR THEM, you’ll find an excerpt from one of my upcoming novels, TREE OF BONES (title subject to change). Though I have done little work on its rewrite, the novel is one I actually wrote back in 2018. The version you will get in 2020 is the rewrite, which will fix some inconsistencies and lacking sequences. Though it’s not horror (like most of my fan base gravitates toward), it is darker in this rewrite than the original draft. It surrounds the murder of a college student in the mountain town of Lydia’s Shadow.

I am also still writing the Gina Charter novel, FRAGMENTS OF GINA, that quite a few of you want me to finish. It has been completely outlined, and is just waiting on me to free up enough time to revisit it. The same goes for the LYDIA’S SHADOW epic, which has been written and rewritten four times over in the last seven years. I wouldn’t expect this one until 2021 at the earliest. I’m just hoping to get out FRAGMENTS OF GINA before 2020 comes to an end!

On the note of all these works in progress, I have started a new career in my everyday life. This new medical-related job will be keeping me busy and away from the computer more often. As a result, my projects will take longer to complete. Nevertheless, I expect to release a short story every other month on average from this point forward. So even if you are still waiting on a novel or novella, there will be new content to explore throughout the year.

Thanks for reading and following!

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