[TMT] 1.12.2020 – New Digital Series

As mentioned in my previous post, Refocusing, I will be doing things differently this year. The previously planned collection, Squirming Disease and Other Stories, has been scrapped in the sense that its contents will no longer appear all at once in a collection. Instead, I will be doing a digital e-book series – called TWENTY – throughout the year, releasing a new story each month or so. Pictured to the left, you can find the default cover for the series, with the placement of the single’s title (in this case, “Squirming Disease”).

Mid January, the first title of TWENTY will be released: “Pray.” This story has gone back and forth between being a short and a novella multiple times, but I have found it worked best in its shorter form. In February, my horror collection, HORRIFIC HOLIDAYS, will be released in digital and physical formats; as a result, TWENTY will possibly skip that month, though that has not yet been decided. I have six stories written and ready for release in the TWENTY series already, and another slew of which are partially written. Once this year has wrapped, they will be collected together for a physical release (either December 2020 or January 2021).

I will post another blog of details as I figure things out.

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