[TMT] 2.8.20 – Pray Physicals

The Twenty digital series may not be fully digital over the course of 2020. My March story, Pray, has taken a lot of edits and rewrites, and now I’m considering offering it as a pocket paperback as well. Not only that, I’m thinking of doing two different versions. One would just be the story (a standard edition paperback), and the other would also include the beta version some of my readers dissected prior to the story’s finalization (seeing as there some major changes now between the two manuscripts). I have done some cover mock-ups today for the two editions, as seen here.

Pray is the first entry in the Twenty series. It tells the story of two sisters stuck on the side of a mountain road on their way to their parents’. One goes in search of help, and the other remains with the car, injured. Things go terribly wrong for both of them in this separation, because within the surrounding trees lives a family hungry to hunt.

Due to the rewrites and formatting for a physical copy, Pray might have several release dates. The digital is still expected at the beginning of the month, but physicals probably won’t be made available until the end of March.

Please leave a comment below to let me know which cover mock-up you think should be tied to the standard paperback and which should go to the deluxe paperback.

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