*UPDATED 4/9/20*

A lot of things are changing for people around the world. Things are a mess. Our lives have been put on pause in a lot of ways, as we self-isolate and shut down states. Being home and “unemployed” has given me time to write more and think about how I want to do things during the rest of 2020. Some things I had outlined or mentioned in the past have changed a bit, so that’s the main reason for this update. For those of you who have followed me for the past year, this should not come as a surprise that I’m looking to change up some of my plans – my focus is scattered, so these things happen when they’re not medicated (something I avoid). Anyway, let’s move on to it.

The main thing I was doing this year was my digital series, called Twenty. So far, only Pray has released (March), but Squirming Disease is just a week away now from being made available (it being the April story). In May, you’ll get Tenebris. From there, the schedule is not clear. I have the first trilogy of Exitium (which is not part of Twenty) coming sometime this year. Originally, it was slated for June or July, but other projects have gotten ahead of its completion. I also have several other stories for Twenty that are finished (aside from final edits), and several others nearing completion. Because I’m bouncing back and forth between several shorts/novelettes (for Twenty) and novels/novellas (standalone releases), I feel like I need to stop announcing release dates ahead of time. I just can’t keep to them, especially with all the craziness going on right now. (I lost my job and have become the stay-at-home dad while my wife works; but I also need to find a PT job to help with our bills, which we are coming too short on).

Now, originally, December was going to be Twenty as a physical and digital collection, featuring additional stories. While the stories planned/expected for that are all still on the docket, I’ve decided the title will be different. Twenty will reference the stories released as singles throughout the year, but they will also appear in this new collection at the end of the year (or possibly beginning of 2021) alongside a bunch of other new stories not yet seen. I have done a lot of writing for this new collection, and still have a fair list of stories outlined for it.

But why a different title? Why have I decided to abandon Twenty for the actual collection we are working toward? One reason is because there has been some confusion around the Twenty title (which was simply a reference to the year the stories were releasing – 2020). I have seen posts saying the stories of Twenty are all connected (like, same universe). That is incorrect. While, yes, some stories are part of the same universe, this isn’t the case for all the stories releasing this year. I have also seen people say the collection is called Twenty because it will feature twenty stories. That is also incorrect. I don’t know how many stories will end being involved. My list of stories and outlines is ever changing.

The other reason for the title change is simpler – I just don’t think Twenty is a cool title. I loved both Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them, but felt Horrific Holidays was too straight forward. Twenty has the same issue – it’s just a nod to the year! So, I have a number of replacement titles being considered. No worries – I have time to figure it out.

Moving on from Twenty, I want to note that the Exitium trilogy is still coming this year (hopefully during the summer). The first part of this trilogy appeared in Dead as Soon as Born last year. The second is available on Both of those will receive updates/edits, and there will also be a new third part never before seen. All sections will then appear together (along with new interludes) in a physical paperback. I am also trying something different with the format, and going for a square (think Odd Man Out by James Newman). I have never done a printing like this before, so I’m curious to see how it comes together. As the subtitle suggests (Trilogy I), I expect the series to continue. Maybe Trilogy II will be ready come summer 2021. Who knows?

Surely, this is enough for 2020, right? Wrong! I also have a novella planned for the end of the year, one that might even become a full novel. Shifty Things was written in 2019, and is scheduled to undergo some major rewrites in the coming months. I have considered extending the story a bit to make it a full novel, but this won’t be determined until the actual edits begin. Whatever happens, this story is expected before 2021. There are also two other novellas with first drafts finished waiting on rewrites, as well as a large novel that’s been in (off and on) development since 2012. Of course, that one isn’t expected until maybe 2022, but the point is I am working on consistent material for you all.

Lastly, for those of you who loved The Climbing Skies preview last year, I think I will be returning to finish it this year. I want to get a YA novel finished soon(ish) to expand my scope and audience.

I suppose that’s enough for now. Please check out Pray (available now) and Squirming Disease (when it drops tomorrow).

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