Written 4/13/20

For the past week, I’ve been contemplating the execution of my release schedule altogether. I’ve had one for months (with all of 2020 mapped out), but it’s already been changed a couple times. The main reason for this was discussed in my previous update – the world is a strange place right now, and it’s getting to all of us – so I’m not going to get into detail there. What I will say is I originally planned on releasing a story (or collection of stories) every month this year. All the singles were to be part of a series simply titled Twenty, in reference to 2020. While there’s still a good chance this will be what plays out, it’s no longer a goal. I have enough stories to release something every month for the rest of the year (that’s not the issue), but most of them still need heavy edits, and I’ve been all over the place at home and in life. I was also going to collect all these singles at the end of 2020 and put them out in a physical collection. If I do this (which I think I will early 2021, with additional stories), it will no longer be titled Twenty. Again, this was noted in my previous update, so check there for my reasoning. This isn’t to say other collections won’t pop up along the way (possible wink-wink).

The purpose of this update is the schedule, first and foremost. I don’t think I’m going to announce any more upcoming releases until they are absolutely ready to be published. This could mean a story will come as a complete surprise and be announced just a week before it’s available. As such, review ARCs won’t be going out very early. They may not go out until the story releases, in fact. It will just depend.

I have numerous stories in the works right now, so it’s not an issue of content. I have several novelettes and novellas being wrapped up at the moment. I am also doing major rewrites on a crime novel, and I’ve started writing another novel you have probably heard me mention numerous times in the past year (Lydia’s Shadow). I’m over a hundred pages into that one. There are also a handful of shorts and novellas waiting on rewrites and edits. It’s really just a matter of time and energy. While the pandemic has put me at home, unemployed, I am also caring for my toddler full-time now. This means I get very little writing/editing done unless it’s night and she’s sleeping. I have found a lack of energy most days as of late, which is also adding to my difficulties in getting projects completed. I have been reviewing books less, as well. But I’m getting to that here in just a moment…

This brings me to something a bit counterproductive. My fiction publicity company, Snow-Capped Press, is supposed to start a physical/digital magazine this year. The first issue was planned for this summer, but I may already postpone it due to everything going on. Also a bit counterproductive, I have a new YouTube channel I’m starting to help promote books and authors, as well as work through overflowing review assignments (talking is easier/faster than writing and posting). I’ve never recorded myself in front of a camera before, so this should be interesting. I’m excited, nevertheless. The first couple episodes should be up this month. I’m actually recording content tonight.

It probably seems like I didn’t announce much of anything new here. Basically, the takeaway is my release schedule has been terminated. I will announce and make things available as they are ready. This should (hopefully) provide me some wiggle room and relief. Also, there’s a YouTube series on the way. Please check out my 2020 releases thus far: Nineteen (An Omnibus), Horrific Holidays (A Short Collection), Pray (A Novelette), Squirming Disease (A Novelette), and Tenebris (A Short Story).

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