[REVIEW] Bottled by Stephanie Ellis

I’ve been blowing through a steadily growing collection of Silver Shamrock titles this year, and I’m glad I’ve been going backwards to read earlier releases along the way (instead of just skipping them). Now, you may see the date I read this novella and be confused by my previous statement, seeing as this story was recently released. However, Silver Shamrock has been putting out a new book or two on a monthly basis this year! That means you miss one, you fall behind several pretty quick. But now that I’ve got that cleared up, we can move forward with this review. (Silver Shamrock is keeping that work ethic up!)

Bottled is a novella that is eerie and odd and suspenseful. I honestly did not know what to expect from this one, and found myself really interested in the drama from the beginning. While I think there could have been more added to the story – in relation to the bottled worlds and exploring them, as well as giving more detail behind this family curse and how it exists through the house – Bottled is quick and concise, without feeling actually weak due to its brevity. There aren’t any action sequences, per se, but there are moments of horror that are satisfying and unsettling.

When it all came to an end, I wanted more. For me, that’s a win. 

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