[REVIEW] Burnt Fur by Various Authors and Edited by Ken MacGregor

Burnt Fur is a collection of stories revolving around humanoid animals, furries, and the deviant stuff they do together and to each other. The synopsis immediately made me wonder what I would be getting into, but I checked out the anthology nevertheless.

The first half of stories weren’t too disturbing, so I let me guard down early on and mostly enjoyed myself. Stories like “The Others” and “The Hamford Pigs” worked best, and showed obvious potential for expanded universes. Others, like “Salivation” and “6 Dicks” were just weird enough to be fun.

The second half of stories, however, were mostly disgusting and foul. I had to DNF multiple entries because they became too much. I’m sorry, but reading about animals and humans fucking each other is not of interest to me. And the details were often graphic to make matters worse.

I can see how people who are sexually attracted to animals or want to be animals would love this collection. It’s well written and expletive. That is not me, however. I was very uncomfortable as this anthology went along, and found myself eager to be through with it. Consider this my fair warning if bestiality bothers you as well. Thankfully, every contributing author knows how to write!

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