[REVIEW] Communion by Steve Stred

I remember reading Ritual at its release and thinking it had a different vibe from Steve’s other work I’d read. Though he’s proven time and again he has the ability to go dark, Ritual was more graphic and gratitious. Though I’m not usually up for that kind of horror, I enjoyed the novella and slight deviation for Steve. In my review, I remember saying it would be good for Steve to expand upon the world he’d painted in that story; he announced it would be a trilogy soon after!

Communion is book two in the Father of Lies series, and a separate path from Ritual, in the sense that you follow a detective instead. This change of POV – as well as the consistent flow – worked wonders for the sequel. Not only is Communion a quick and easy read, it’s fun (despite being just as, if not more, depraved than Ritual). I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic ride and set up, and eagetly await the final book in the novella series. I sure hope when all is said and done, Steve releases the collection altogether in one full book, complete with bonus features (hint-hint, Steve!).

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