[REVIEW] Snowball by Gregory Bastianelli

I heard a lot of mixed things about Snowball prior to receiving an ARC for review. Having heard some of the common complaints ahead of time actually may have helped my enjoyment of it, though. Yes, it has a few glaring issues – the first hundred or so pages are boring, the worst Christmas memories act as an hindrance to the pacing, and I was still left with questions when everything came to a sudden end – but the writing is good and the idea a promising one. It could have used some more sharpening and detailing – as well as some compression edits to those first hundred-some pages – but this was a solid read. The second half was certainly better than the first, and I feel like a lot of horror fans will enjoy the action to be found there. Despite my complaints with the novel, it hasn’t turned me away from the author; I would read him again.

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