[FREE E-BOOK] Following the Dead Tracks – A Short Story

For those who do not yet know, I have started reissuing my releases this year through my publicity imprint, Snow-Capped Press. I recently assigned a Lead Editor to my team, and she has been helping me with revising everything. Though this specific story isn’t a reissue, the following information still applies to its availability as a free e-book.

(7.1.20) Following the Dead Tracks – A Short Story

I found a new problem with my publisher – I am now forced to assign a price tag of at least $0.99. It used to be I could make my e-books for free if I wanted to, which was the plan for my reissues this year, as well as for my short singles. I checked Amazon and Draft2Digital to see if either of them gave me the ability to price something forever free, but they don’t. They best I saw was Amazon giving you the option to do free periods every 90 days. That problem with Amazon, though, is I would have to have the e-book available exclusively through them.

So, until a better option is presented, my e-books will not be free on any platform, unfortunately. However, to combat that, I am offering the e-book download directly to anyone who wants the releases I had planned as free. You can find the Google Drive links below to snag a copy of “Following the Dead Tracks,” which premiered on my website throughout June 2020. —>

.mobi format download (Kindle)

.epub format download

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