[REVIEW] Dust (Splatter Western #3) – by Chris Miller

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m not sure if Death’s Head Press planned only for these three books in their Splatter Western series or not, but Dust leaves you with endless possibilities. Miller’s writing is brutal and quick; most things are explained early on, and there are sequences of action every other chapter, it seems. Readers that seek adrenaline injections will find a lot to love with this one, as it is fast-paced and bloody.

Though more relentless than the previous two entries of this series, Dust also feels the easiest somehow. By that, I mean they enter the elusive town of Dust within pages of seeking it out. That wasn’t so hard, now was it? And though the large battle that soon follows spills copious amounts of blood and gore, the main threat is dispelled rather easily. The primary injuries our hero and his partner receive are from a gunman, not a monster. The main (human) bad guy was also hardly interesting or scary. It was his large, violent soldier that posed the most danger.

Dust isn’t without its issues, but it’s still a strong entry in the Splatter Western series. Like I’ve said, there’s a lot of action throughout this story, as well as a lot of room to grow the universe presented. For example, we never learn the story behind the magical lady that directs James to Dust. And she was just a minor player here! How about all the god-monsters that exist? Yes, this series could go on and on. I just hope the return is more detailed and fleshed out; I could see this premise being as large as The Dark Tower (by Stephen King), which was clearly an influence here.

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