[UPDATE] Kill for Them, My 3rd Varied Collection, and the New Podcast

It feels like it’s been a while since I posted a general update, so here are some quick bullets.

  • The Kill for Them reissue is now available in e-book, alongside the returns of Dead as Soon as Born, Horrific Holidays (Volume I), “Pray,” and “Squirming Disease.” The paperback edition is due out late January 2021. Of the stories added to this reissue, the novelettes noted above are also included. Kill for Them is the last of the reissues readers have been waiting on to be made available. Everything that will follow its release will be new to the world.
  • I have enough content for my third varied story collection (varied being the keyword, seeing as Horrific Holidays was a horror-specific collection; Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them, however, both featured a variety of genres), but half the stories are being finished at the moment. I’m thinking I could have digital ARCs ready sometime around May 2021. This time, I want to try having a few months set aside to bring in some early reviews before making the public release of the book (something I haven’t done in the past). If this is what I choose to do, the book would probably become available late 2021. I had also thought of releasing Volume 2 of Horrific Holidays around Halloween 2021, but that may be pushed depending on this release coming first. The holiday shorts I’ve outlined are not y current priority.
  • Aside from that next story collection, I am currently thinking all of my new work will be submitted to publishers for consideration. Some shorts have already been sent over to anthologies. A couple have already been rejected and set aside for my third collection noted above. Some novels have been sent to publishers as well. One has received requested changes for a re-submit. There are numerous short stories in the works, as well as three or four novels. Whatever doesn’t get picked up in 2021 will be self-published in 2022 instead. As such, my third varied collection may be the only new release I self-publish in 2021.
  • I have promoted a podcast a handful of times in the last month, with plans to drop several episodes throughout December. Though I have done at least 7 recordings, none have been made available. I’m still working out the kinks, seeing as I make frequent pauses in the episodes I’ve currently recorded. I still hope to try launching the podcast soon, in January if possible. It’s a bit difficult finding peace to record when my wife and daughter are home, which has kept me from getting this done sooner. Still, the podcast is in the works to debut in the coming weeks.
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