[REVIEW] Sacrament (Father of Lies, Book #3) – by Steve Stred

  • (Father of Lies, Book #3)
  • By Steve Stred
  • Published by Black Void Publishing
  • Available May 2021

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When I read the first book in this trilogy, I made a comment that I wanted to see the story expanded. Shortly after hosting that review, Steve announced that there would be another two books to follow. While Ritual was structured like a “one-shot horror,” I saw the potential in a gruesome world of stories. It may have been more graphic and gratuitous than I generally prefer, but I knew putting Steve at the helm of a cult story was good business. So, I went into its sequel with nervous excitement, curious to see where Steve had gone with it all. Luckily, Communion did not disappoint in the least. I loved following the detective and seeing a new POV. At the end of my review for that entry, I asked for an omnibus to release once all three books had been delivered. Upon reading Sacrament, I can confirm that Steve is doing just that! Even better, it will include a bonus story that is part of the trilogy!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Sacrament is the exciting finale to the Father of Lies trilogy, and it does not let up one bit. The story is quick, tight, and unsettling. The only reason it took me two days to read was because I started it late one night after finishing two other books. Like its predecessors, this novella only takes about an hour to read. However, in that short amount of time, a lot happens! Honestly, yes, Steve could take these three books and make them all larger with ease. However, they also flow well at these lengths, and work wonders as easily digestible and enjoyable shots of horror. And, again, we will be getting an omnibus with an additional story sometime in 2021. When that happens, I will be re-reading this trilogy and writing a review of it as a collective novel. It’s definitely a release I am now looking forward to!

Lastly, I would like to talk about the afterword, because it made my experience all the better. To learn all the research Steve did for this series is a bit scary. I don’t want to give too much away, but I would actually love for Steve to release a book chronicling his journey infiltrating the cult that influenced this story. In the afterword, he tells of some of the sick actions taken within the group, some in initiation and others in their ascent. Steve spent some four years doing all this, so if he journaled during that time, I now request a collective and expanded essay on all of it next.


Highlights: Fast-paced and exciting … horrific and chilling … well-researched, making the hell of it all even more hellish

Shadows: Could have been longer, but also works well at this length

FFO: Cult horror … demons and summonings … violent and graphic reads

Takeaway: Sacrament may be a quick ride into hell, but it leaves an impression! I cannot wait for the omnibus to follow later this year.

Would I read this author again? Yes


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