[REVIEW] The Lost Village – by Camilla Sten

  • THE LOST VILLAGE – by Camilla Sten
  • (Translated by Alexandra Fleming)
  • Published by Minotaur Books / Available March 2021
  • Verdict: 4 out of 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Overview: In 1959, an entire village of people disappeared. Sixty years later, documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt takes a small crew to old mining town in search of answers. It takes but a day for things to go wrong. Equipment is destroyed. People go missing. It would appear that the town isn’t as empty as it appears.

The Good: The portrayal of the town is subtle, but haunting. I couldn’t help but imagine Silent Hill during much of this story. I was very quickly tangled up in the imagery of this place and drawn to its mystery. Personally, I am the kind of reader and writer that obsesses over a setting – it’s almost as important to me as any leading character. My image of Silverjartin didn’t transform itself it much during the course of this story, but it was cold and threatening all the same. I also found the suspense light, but sharp throughout; I was intrigued and focused, but never really pushed into an adrenaline-fueled read. This made for a smooth, yet delightfully eerie couple of days.

The Bad: Unless I missed it, there was never any definitive display of brainwashing by the pastor. His sermons sounded like anything else you’d hear in church. So, how is it a whole village became violent at his command? Why were they worshiping his every step and sleeping in his altar?

The Takeaway: Despite its shortcomings, The Lost Village succeeds in painting a dismal picture. I felt the wet cold in my bones of Silverjartin, as well as the unsettling sense of eyes upon my back. The Lost Village may not be visceral or exciting horror, but it is disturbing and ideal for a wintry read.


  • File Under: Horror and Suspense
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