[REVIEW] Electric Midnight: Dog Eat Dog – by Andrew Post


Published by Andrew Post / Available March 2021

Verdict: 5 out of 5


Overview: It’s the “turn of the century,” 1999, in Detroit. A mafia stash house is hit by a rival family. Hitmen are contracted on both sides. Dog Eat Dog is the first volume in Post’s new Electric Midnight miniseries, a collection of novellas that will lead directly into the next over the next year. Post promises a large cast of characters with interlocking paths – something we already see prevalent in Dog Eat Dog – that may (or may not be) from our own reality.

The Good: Post writes Dog Eat Dog like it’s a script. For example: “Headlights swing across the front of the gas station. Blind the clerk standing outside. Having a smoke to stay awake. Drew the short straw. Pulling the dreaded nine to five. Like that song.” For me, this sort of writing brings to mind Elmore Leonard’s “cut the filler” attitude, as well as Lee Child’s active-fire recounts of events. The combination may take some getting used to if you’re new to it, but I found it extremely fitting of the story and design of the series. The characters are also strong in their roles, especially the hitmen. So far, it’s the sick man with the richest background, but I imagine the cast will continue to gather my interest. For less than a hundred pages, Dog Eat Dog is a busy debut. A lot happens and a lot still has to happen. With another five entries ahead of it, Electric Midnight certainly promises a wild ride.

The Bad: As previously mentioned, the writing might turn off some readers. Otherwise, I found nothing to complain about.

The Takeaway: Dog Eat Dog is a fast and furious beginning to what I suspect will be an extremely bloody and satisfying series of pulp fiction. The writing is to the point and sharp; the characters are hard and amusing; and the story is a powerful dose of adrenaline and anxious delivery.


File Under: Crime Fiction, Double-Crosses, Hitmen, Robberies, Drug Trade, Underworld, Criminals, Gritty Drama, Horror-Noir, Serial Novels

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