[REVIEW] Every Last Fear – by Alex Finlay

EVERY LAST FEAR – by Alex Finlay

Published by Minotaur Books / Available March 2021

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5


Overview: A family is discovered dead in Mexico, seemingly killed by a gas leak. Except for the father, who is in pieces outside. Two sons remain; one in prison for a murder he did not commit, the other in college. When an FBI agent comes looking for Matt, the brother attending NYU, it’s to send him down to Mexico to retrieve the bodies of his family. However, it becomes quickly apparent something else is going on here. Not only with the Pines’ cause of death, but how it connects to Danny’s murder trial.

The Good: Every Last Fear is a thrilling mystery with a cast of characters you’ll certainly grow attached toward, even though many of them are already dead when the novel begins. The writing moves with ease and purpose; the story is interesting and emotional; and you can’t help but want things to come together for the Pines, even though it’s too late for most of them.

The Bad: The conclusion isn’t as explosive as I would have liked, but still satisfying enough. I just would have liked a more surprising twist, not one I saw coming early on.

The Takeaway: Every Last Fear is an emotional thriller, seated in the reader’s desire for justice. You’ll want to read “just one more chapter” throughout, making this sort of novel you’ll want to clear your schedule to finish with as few of breaks as possible.


File Under: Thrillers, Mystery, Murder, Suspense

Also See: Finlay is a pseudonym of an author living in Washington, D.C. This is his debut under this alias.

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