[TOC] Black Dogs, Black Tales – Edited by Tabatha Wood and Cassie Hart

Forward – by Alan Baxter

Introduction – by Tabatha Wood

Nero – by Shannon Elizabeth Gardner

Hunted – by Dion Winton-Polak

Black Cloud Sunshine – by Dan Rabarts

The Dead Way – by J. C. Hart

Vision Thing – by Matthew R. Davis

Shifting in the Black – by L. L. Asher

Synaesthete – by Melanie Harding-Shaw

Fossil Bluff – by P. J. Blakey-Novis

A Handshake in the Darkness – by Miranda Crites

Night Wolves – by Tabatha Wood

The Honeymoon’s Over – by E. E. King

Black and Tan – by M. E. Proctor

Ding Dong Bell – by Steve Dillon

The Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfall – by Kaaron Warren

Park Life – by Ian J. Middleton

Grey Dog – by John Linwood Grant

Use a Shovel – by Galina Trefil

Banjo – by Chloe Herczeg

I am Become – by Hari Navarro

Yellow Dog – by Alan Baxter

Redbone – by Justin Guleserian

The Feather Wall – by Octavia Cade

This Dog’s Life – by Dion Winton-Polak

And Don’t You Ever Look Back – by Falco Verholen

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