[TOC] It Calls from the Sea – Edited by M. River and A. Robertson-Webb

Edited by M. River and A. Robertson-Webb

Hostile Territory – by Steve Neal

Abyssal Horror – by Trey Dowell

Xook – by Dan Le Fever

The Ocean Sings Softly – by Christopher Bond

The Hunter and the Prey – by McKenzie Richardson

Fronds – by Tim Mendees

Buoy 21415 – by T. M. Brown

She Calls from the Sea – by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Please Leave – by Watt Morgan

Dead Ships – by Georgia Cook

Heaven’s Lake – by Holley Cornetto

Jelly – by Mijat Budimir Vujacic

Cry of the Hunger Fish – by Lin Darrow

Euphoria – by Chris Bannor

The Shadow Over Innsmouth High – by S. O. Green

Reef Encounter – by Chris Hewitt

Shoney’s Revenge – by Julie Sevens

The Sea Reaches Up – by Mason Gallaway

Long Pork – by R. L. Meza

Into the Depths – by David Green

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