[TOC] Not All Monsters – Edited by Sara Tantlinger

Editor’s Introduction – by Sara Tantlinger

Portrait of a Girl in Red and Yellow – by Joanna Roye

The Miraculous Ones – by G. G. Silverman

Parlor Tricks – by Stacey Bell

Wasted – by Amy Easton

Black Feather Phlogiston – by K. P. Kulski

Leather – by S. M. Ketcham

Inked – by E. E. Florence

The Good Will – by Briana McGuckin

The Problem with Being a Monster – by Annie Neugebauer

Midnight in the Garden of Life and Death – by Kayleigh Barber

Pretty Little Vampires – by Sam Fleming

Without a Face – by Hailey Piper

Heart of the Lion – by J. H. Moncrieff

This Can Happen to You – by Jessica McHugh

A Certain Age – by Jennifer Loring

The Revenge of Madeline Usher – by Joanna Koch

Antifreeze and Sweet Peas – by Angela Sylvaine

Cake – by J. C. Raye

And Sweetest in the Gale is Heard – by Christa Carmen

The Sugar Cane Sea – by Juliana Spink Mills

Unfettered – by Leslie Wibberley

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