[REVIEW] Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke – by Eric LaRocca


This novella steadily grows scarier and more unsettling as it moves along. In the beginning, everything is cute and harmless. The story turns wicked shortly after, in little bits at first, but then full blast. I was sickened. Creeped out. Horrified, yet excited. This story will likely upset you at least once. I had to skip several pages due to the telling of a baby’s murder. No, thank you. But fuck, did this story leave me uncomfortable. Eric, you twisted genius. The shit you come up with is scary. Be warned – this novella is a bit fucked up. If you don’t go for that sort of thing, then maybe steer clear. But if a little depravity and obsession is your sort of thing, then pick up this title immediately. I read it over the course of an hour, give or take. It’s a quick, yet lasting read, the kind that will stick with you. And yes, it’s most definitely a horror story.

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