[REVIEW] The Book of Accidents – by Chuck Wendig

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The writing in The Book of Accidents is approachable, as are the fast and furious chapters. The story is intriguing and weird and creepy. There is underlying dread throughout. Though this was my first time reading Wendig, it won’t be my last. You’ll feel influence from the greats again and again, which makes the world feel somehow familiar. This is a suspenseful epic of a story, not to so much about shocking and scares. More unsettling than anything. You’ll drive through this somewhat large novel with a hungry curiosity. I found the last 30% really helped pick up the pace with a lot more excitement, because by that point I was dragging a bit through the size of this story. But this book goes out strong with a lot of action and cosmic flavor. There is definitely a lot to digest with this novel.

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