[REVIEW] Below – by Kev Harrison

Below is more of a dramatic piece than suspenseful or scary. Little happens in the current timeframe, which left me wanting the past to be fleshed out by actual scenes (rather than notes) — that’s when the exciting stuff happened. Had those letters been actual chapters of direct detail from the grandfather, I would have loved this more. Instead, Below focuses on a three person team wandering around the tunnels looking for clues as to what happened years ago. While they do interact with a creature, no one dies and the injuries are minor. The interaction is also brief, coming around the 80% mark of this short novella. While the writing is good, the story that is told just couldn’t grab my attention. There were also some things that should have been explained but never are. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book enough that I will check out more of Harrison’s work down the road. I have his prior releases on my Kindle already waiting.

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