[REVIEW] Jedi Summer with the Magnetic Kid – by John Boden

Jedi Summer with the Magnetic Kid
By John Boden
Verdict: 5/5

Jedi Summer is one of those “horror” novellas that strikes me more as a coming-of-age drama than anything darker than your average reality. That being said, I love this particular subgenre. Boden writes in a very personal way, switching between active storytelling and bracketed background information that provides further insight into the character and his life. Though broken up into parts, there isn’t really a cohesive plot to be followed throughout this summer. Some things happen. Most of it is just stuff about Boden’s relationship with his brother, family, and neighbors. For some, this might not be appealing, which is why I mention it. However, I personally loved it. Boden’s narrative was very inviting and dynamic throughout. I was easily invested in his summer and learning more about his life. Though it’s cliche to point out similarities to King, Jedi Summer does read as well as any of his coming-of-age stories. There’s less action and darkness, but even Jedi Summer features a small line of scenes discussing a gruesome and confusing murder in the woods. Ultimately, this is a comforting (yet sometimes emotional) read that would do well to start every summer moving forward. It’s short and inviting, like the school breaks of our youth.

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