[REVIEW] Bad Girl in the Box – by Tim Curran

Bad Girl in the Box
By Tim Curran
Verdict 4/5

What the flying fuck?

Okay, so this is weird horror and extreme horror, no doubt. I’m not entirely sure how to describe this book to someone because, to be honest, I’m not sure I even understand some of it. By the final line, I was left laughing at the crazyness of it all and how many demanding questions I still had remaining.

I can say these things, though:
– I really liked the writing. I was engrossed and interested and bewildered throughout.
– Things get wild at frequent rate.
– There’s a large cast, some of which you will forget and mix up along the way.
– The idea is fresh and fucking twisted.
– This book deserves all the trigger warnings. There is a lot of raw, disturbing, and uncomfortable content throughout this book. Unfortunately, Silver Shamrock didn’t start including CWs until after this one was published (unless they’ve updated prior releases at this point – I just know my ARC didn’t have them).

If you like really strange and violent stories that will leave you grossed out and confused, this is the ride for the you. Just be forewarned: there is a lot of hardcore content throughout. I can see this being an easy DNF for many readers. But if you can push through to the end, Bad Girl in the Box will probably go down as a bizarre enough read that you just can’t help but like it.

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