[REVIEW] The Nightmare Brigade (Vol.1) The Girl from Deja Vu

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Nightmare Brigade is a comic that comes in volumes roughly the size of five individual issues (though they are only broken in two). This first volume introduces the characters at first and provides us a hook that curl through our cheeks for future volumes in the series. Though designed to be kid friendly, there’s a darkness here, enough of it, to catch an adult’s eye as well. Think of Inception, but for nightmares and featuring kids in mental and emotional peril.

This introduction to the Nightmare Brigade is very enjoyable and accessible for the young and old. I look forward to the next volume. I just wish it had been a longer arc; I wanted to be able to continue the story but, alas, the next set isn’t yet available.

*I’m only going to note this next part because it is something I personally look out for when buying books. My copy of the Nightmare Brigade had a very poor spine. The pages constantly felt like they would fall out in clumps as I read the book. Had I purchased this in store and seen the spine so weak and poorly fastened, I would have returned it. Hopefully, this was just my copy and not all copies. I would have to see this set in stores and compare to decide if it’s a manufacturing problem or just a random lemon.

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