[REVIEW] The Saga of Dead-Eye: Vampires, Zombies, & Mojo Men – by Ronald Kelly

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The first novella in the Dead-Eye saga is a fun and promising ride. I’ll tell you, novellas have been my go-to selection lately. They’re not too long and they usually keep a quick pace about them. A book I can finish in a day or two (and enjoy) is a book I am more likely to remember and revisit. But I digress.

What I Liked: The story is fun and limitless in possibilities. This means just about anything can happen in the sequels, however wild. That’s exciting! The characters are also enjoyable, both the good and bad ones. The monsters and curses are entertaining, especially near the end. The reveal in the final line was one I hadn’t considered. I like the way it opens up the struggle of the mojo man.

What I Didn’t Like: Sometimes, the writing felt rushed and less polished. I also didn’t care for the emphasis on the color of some of our characters. It felt like I was being needlessly reminded someone was black. For example, there’s a line about the mojo man having an apprehensive look upon “his dark face.” That was unnecessary.

The Verdict: This is recommended for fans of horrific fun. You don’t need to like westerns or zombies to enjoy this title. I look forward to the sequels coming our way (hopefully) soon.

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