[PROMO] Pre-Order “Sickness is in Season” and Receive 6 Free E-Books

My new collection of horror releases via Crossroad Press on 5/31! In an effort to get this book seen by as many people as possible, I am offering an amazing book promotion. Pre-order “Sickness is in Season,” provide me proof of purchase (you can hide your address, of course), and receive 6 free e-books prior to its release! Right away, you’ll get “Damned Hunger,” “Blackberry Blood: A Dark Selection of Poetry and Fiction,” “Horrific Holidays,” and “Squirming Disease.” Then, later in May, you’ll receive another 2 e-books that have not yet been released! You’ll be getting those titles months before anyone else. Cool, right? That’s a total of 7 books for the pre-order price of $5. It does not matter which retailer you use, so long as you can provide proof of purchase.

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