[REVIEW] The Devil Takes You Home – by Gabino Inglesias

The Devil Takes You Home

By Gabino Inglesias


File Under: Dramatic Crime Novel w/ Supernatural Elements

Mario loses his daughter to cancer, then his wife to a mistake. Buried under medical debt, he takes a job as a hitman from a junkie friend. Soon, he’s alone with nothing but the violence. When a job with a big payout is offered, Mario joins his junkie friend and a cartel-insider to hijack a shipment of cash.

Though I’ve read some of Gabino’s short fiction, The Devil Takes You Home, was my first novel from the author. Its landscape is gritty and dark. Mario’s backstory is heartbreaking. I’ve always loved crime and horror blends, so this was right up my alley. The supernatural elements are of a light touch for the most part, but when they come, they come hard. For me, the horror is Mario’s life; I couldn’t do it. I have kids and would kill myself if I lost them. The fact that Mario continues on and even daydreams of reuniting with his wife to “try another miracle” was difficult for me to grasp. Aside from this disconnect with the main character, his story sucked me into its darkness and held me there from start to finish. I also appreciated the authenticity of the dialogue and beliefs expressed throughout the novel. Using my Kindle translator for the Spanish conversations was rewarding and made the story more interactive and real.

I devoured this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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