[REVIEW] Full Immersion – by Gemma Amor

Gemma Amor has been a favorite of mine since she first debuted in the indie scene with Cruel Works of Nature a few years back. Ever since, I have pounced upon every one of her releases, never disappointed. Reading Full Immersion feels like I’m getting a BTS look into Gemma’s life and her personal struggles. I knew about her PPD already from chats with her in the past, as well as a short story included in her second collection that dives into the strangling feel of the condition. This book takes you deep into that world and the hell it can bring upon a mother and her family. It’s a very personal experience for a book. It also makes the suspense more palpable and the MC’s life more valuable to the reader. Gemma is an artist with words, has been since her first publication — Full Immersion is no exception. I sink into her stories with ease and take on my hopes and fears of the characters as if they are real. The only complaint I really had from reading this novel was the very end; I can’t go into detail without risk of spoilers, but the monster element was left in such a way that I wanted and expected a bit more. Otherwise, Full Immersion was a fantastic and emotional novel that proves (yet again) that Gemma Amor is an author with skill and a strong narrative. 4.5/5

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