[REVIEW] Ghost Eaters – by Clay McLeod Chapman

GHOST EATERS is an original and provocative haunting of a novel, with a definitive focus on addiction and the spiral it can bring. It is equally frightening and intriguing throughout, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

In more way than one, addiction is at the forefront of the story: the shrooms, the possessions, the seances for lost souls, the search and desperate need to dose again. I especially love horror that blends monsters with reality. The premise of this novel was right up my alley and the story did not disappoint. It hooked me at an early point and held my attention until the very end. I only felt distracted by the odd transitions that came about with many of the chapter changes. Sometimes, it felt like scenes or thoughts were abruptly ended and it wasn’t clear what had changed. Otherwise, GHOST EATERS was a possessing novel I definitely recommend to fans of horror and the gritty nature of reality. 4/5

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