[REVIEW] Magnum Opus – by Caitlin Marceau

Charlotte writes a new book, possibly her best, only to learn her best friend – also an author – will be releasing her latest bestseller at the same time. Though the friend is excited to share the date with Charlotte, the feeling is one-sided. What follows is a tragic death that could have been avoided. Charlotte is now haunted by her dead friend and allowing her life and writing career to crumble around her as she struggles to handle the ghost that is ever present.

Caitlin Marceau is a great writer I started reading earlier this year, and I now seek out all of her releases. This is my second this week but not my last (her new novella is up next). MAGNUM OPUS is a tight drama with a focus on grief and regret and the crushing weight of a rash decision made in a matter of seconds. It’s a memorable novelette that works wonderfully as an introduction to Caitlin’s brand of horror. 4.5/5.0

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