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Aiden Merchant is the author of several collections and novellas, including Sickness is in Season (Crossroad Press/Macabre Ink) and Crossing Red (Wintry Monsters Press). He is also the editor and publisher of Blackberry Blood (an anthology) and Milk Teeth (a novella by Andrew Post).

Author of Sickness is in Season, Horrific Holidays, Squirming Disease, Pray for Help, and more,..


Sickness is in Season

Published by Crossroad Press/Macabre Ink


Last Meal / Beach Snakes / Blocks Loyal and the Twitcher’s Game / Just a Baby / A Second Chance / Birthing of Black / Camping Isn’t for Everyone / Daddy / Ravenous / Holes / Markings and Lots of Them! / One by One / Peck / Returning to the Grey / Showdown / Starving Against the Pull / Dark Spaces / Swallowed / Tenebris / The Friday Night Gang / The Scar Opens / The Tax Man Knocks / Your New God


“Horrifying, yet beautifully crafted…a truly creative and macabre book…” Victoria P. via NetGalley

“A dark and delightful mix of stories…” Kate via NetGalley

“…has everything a horror fan craves!” Erica Robyn Metcalf via

“…a lot of darkness and dread are within these pages. Aiden isn’t afraid to test the boundaries…” J. J. via NetGalley

“Gruesome, funny…brims with a variety of unimaginable horrors…” Micah Castle, author of The Abyss Beyond the Reflection

“…a frightfully good collection that puts his fevered imagination and ability to deliver horror across a variety of genres on full display.” Jeremy Hepler, Bram Stoker nominated author of Sunray Alice