[REVIEW] Dark Choir by Paul Melhuish

I have gotten lucky lately – several books in a row have now struck me as unique and deeply interesting. Dark Choir is another story that has left me nodding my head and thinking, ‘Yeah. Yeah, I haven’t read something like this before.’

The premise surrounding the abuse of mentally and physically handicapped people is not only horrific, but emotionally jarring. As such, it crawls under your skin with ease, lingering and tickling until the gruesome finale. For the readers looking for blood, it comes big time in the end when the Dark Choir requires their witness. Prior to that, this story mostly reads like a creepy drama, which is just fine by me. I love drama. If you can get the characters right – as well as their struggles – a slow burn works. But that being said, this isn’t a slow-burn, because I found myself blowing through it with ease. Even when there’s not much happening beyond dialogue and visiting different people, I was still hooked and wanting to go another chapter.

Dark Choir has introduced Melhuish to me in a good way; I have already picked up another of his books to read this summer. I definitely recommend this novel, as it covers a lot of ground while keeping its roots in horror.

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I received a paperback ARC from the publisher, Silver Shamrock Publishing, for review considerstion.

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