[REVIEW] Tales from the Darkside – by Joe Hill

*3.5 out of 5*

I’m okay with scripts (I’ve written a whole series myself), so that wasn’t really an issue for me. However, the first half of this pilot didn’t do much for me. There were some cool moments – like the couch hands and jumping out the window – but I didn’t care for the good characters. The bad ones were creepy, though (like the scarecrow parents). It was with the “Black Box” episode that this book really got good. That episode had the makings of an interesting (Stephen King-esque) story arc we probably never get to see completed (since the show reboot was never made). I also enjoyed the art, which was done by the same guy behind the ‘Wraith’ series. Overall, I’m happy to have this in my collection. It’s a beautiful print and a definite recommendation for Joe Hill fans. You can tell it was written by him, no problem. 

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