[REVIEW] Tomb of Gods – by Brian Moreland

*4.5 out of 5*

When I first heard about Tomb of Gods, I thought it would like Indiana Jones or The Mummy. While part of this book does hold such influence, it also takes you places never expected. In fact, the final quarter of this novel will turn your world upside down and dangle you from your feet. Things get surprisingly wild and horrific at this point, taking Tomb of Gods down a dark and winding road that is fantastically imaginative and destructive.

At times, you may wonder why certain background info is being provided to you about a character; trust me, it will come into play later on. So, while some of these earlier scenes come off as padding, they are all brought full circle in the end. In fact, these dramas are quite captivating in the grand scheme of things, as you will find.

Tomb of Gods has adventure, suspense, mystery, gore, and drama to boot. The last hundred pages are mind-blowing, catching the reader off guard with ease. The intensity dials up quickly from there, so hold on!

Brian Moreland was new to me, but he won’t stay that way for much longer. Upon finishing this novel, I searched out several others online. Tomb of Gods was so surprising and good that I expect it to be in my Top Reads of 2020.

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