REVIEW: Holes in the Veil – by Beth Overmyer

  • HOLES IN THE VEIL – by Beth Overmyer
  • Published by Flame Tree Press / Available February 2021
  • Verdict: 3 out of 5

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Overview: Holes in the Veil continues the journey of Aidan Ingledark and his pursuit of the Goblets Immortal. Now in possession of a map leading to the whereabouts of the Questing Goblet, Aidan and his companion have returned to the cover of the woods. However, something is following them from a distance, ever changing. Elsewhere, there is a Sightful named Jinn in search of the Summoner. Joined by her twin brother, Quick, she looks to defeat her mother and change her fate. All are in danger of Meraude, who seeks to end all magic with the Goblets Immortal.

The Good: The use of the new company, Jinn and Quick, helps move the story along during a patch of travel that could have proven incredibly boring. Better yet, their place in the grand scheme of things adds additional layers to the mystery of Meraude and those that stand against her. Not surprisingly, these two characters appear more likeable and full of promise than Aidan.

The Bad: Though the writing seems tighter in this sequel, the story drags along in too many areas. By the time I’d reached the final third of the novel, I was no longer interested in what was happening on the page. Looking back at my review of book one in this series, it seems that most of my complaints still remain; the journey hardly progresses in several hundred pages, you’re given more questions than answers along the way, and the entire books boils doing to several key points that could have been reached in less time. 

The Takeaway: Now that I’ve given this series two chances, I think it’s safe to say I will not be continuing Ingledark’s journey any further. Even with the addition of Jinn and her brother to spice things up, I found Holes in the Veil a little too boring to keep me hooked for yet another book. By all appearances, there could be still be a stack of titles to follow, and I just don’t have it in me to see this one to the end.



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